Apple Advancements Anticipated for 2019

There are many advancements about the new apple that will be released onto the market next year 2019. Some are getting viral is the market, below are some of the advancements that are expected to seen in the 2019 Apple.

Apple Advancements Anticipated for 2019

Improved iSight Camera:

The 2019 Apple iSight Camera is expected to improve the photo quality. Apple may utilize the iSight camera which will help you take a splendid and clear picture through its foreseen 13-megapixel essential camera. The 2019 Apple will have the capacity to take a practically better picture through its 8-megapixel optional camera too.

Wireless charging:

The 2019 Apple is expected to have Wireless Charging feature. The epic battle between Samsung and Apple is very old and hence Samsung has made a feature very awesome feature of wireless charging. But Apple didn’t make it available in the last update some designers have revealed that this time the Apple which will be produced in 2019 will be equipped with this feature.

Button-less design:

The apple that will be introduced to the coming the next year 2019 is expected to have a button-Less Design. Apple designers have revealed out that they will make this advancement so that this time there will be no buttons on the 2019 Apple totally touch and even no silent button. They are making the full front cover in touch screen and covering the home button in it.

Water resistance:

The experts have also made an advancement when it comes to the water resistance of the 2019 Apple. This a very old demand of customers for the designers to make Apple waterproof but Apple did not fulfil this wish. The experts have assured the customers that this time Apple will be waterproof.

There are many other advancements about the apple which will be released in 2019 but these are most hot and satisfying advancements in different features.